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Animal Buddy-India Edition Board Game

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An all-new Indian jungle safari board game  from the KAADOO- PLAY & LEARN SERIES. Designed for smaller children, aged 4 and above. It is for two players, simple and loads of fun. 

Very easy game rules let the tiny ones get into the game quickly. Players can decide between them on who starts a game. Players advance by picking a card and following the instructions on the card picked; no dice is thrown.There are also experiences along the route that the players can look forward to. The player who comes out of the forest first is the winner.

This is an exciting game that children would want to play again and again. They can play it with very little help from adults. Kaadoo Animal Buddy is pure thrill. 

This game will help children in a number of ways:

  • Helps improve social skills, be it playing with siblings or friends
  • In a rule-filled real world, helps them understand how to play by rules
  • Helps improve their visual IQ and fires up their imagination as they sight various exotic animals, birds and reptiles in the forest
  • Helps grow their knowledge about wildlife; generate interest in nature and conservation. The very essence of Play & Learn !


  • Game board for two players
  • 2 game card packs with a total of 55 cards
    • 45 animal cards
    • 2 alert cards
    • 3 Paapa cards
    • 1 Thank You Card
    • 2 How To Play Cards
    • 1 Know Your Cards card
    • 1 People For Paapa Card
  • 2 colorful, safari-jeep pawns- moulded plastic with wood feel 
  • Go ahead, order it now. Makes for a great birthday gift too !

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